Make money for your website or blog.

Get Chitika eMiniMalls If you spend time out of every day writing on your blog, you might agree that you should at least be paid for it.

Blogs have become the “new media.” They provide us with news and information faster than the newspapers and television, and give us all the ability to interact with the news stories.

Since blogs provide us with so much, why not use them for shopping and making money as well?

I recently came across an excellent way to make some money from your blog while providing your visitors with some great deals. It is through a company called Chitika eMiniMalls.

They give website owners the opportunity to post a small ad on their site for a product line of their choice. The ad rotates each time someone visits the site providing a different product.

If you get a chance, be sure to click on the links above to sign up for the program. It is free, and you get paid through Paypal (or by check).

By the way, if you have WordPress. After signing up, use the Chitika WordPress Widget for even better results.

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