Make Promotional Blog Buttons

You have probably seen those little rectangular promotional blog buttons on the internet. I have a few on my site for “Blog Advance”, “Blog Soldiers”, etc.

These are a great way to keep your site looking organized. This way, all these links look like they are external (which they are), and all of them keep the same dimensions.

I know I have found myself going to blogs, seeing those buttons, and clicking on them just because I want to know about the network that they are advertising. More often than not, these are worth the time to visit.

Now, you are probably wondering where you get these neato square buttons. The answer is that they come from two sources. First, you can get them from some websites. This is the easiest way. But then sometimes there are no such buttons available.

This leads me to the second way. You can actually build your own buttons for free. Go to and they have an online button creator. You can literally make as many of these as you want.

Perhaps you even want to make one for your own website. Then you can exchange buttons freely with other bloggers.

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