Make your website cooler!

What can you do to increase the “Coolness” factor of your website?

That is what drives people to put jumping gif smiley’s, large flash popups, music, and other such features. However, all these things just don’t make your site cool.

What you really need is a weekly posting by Bill Gates on your site. But, if you can’t manage that, remember that FavIcons work just as well.

What is a FavIcon

A favicon is a little 16 by 16 pixel icon that is used to identify your website. It will display in the address bar of the website. People will oohh and ahhh by the coolness of your site. To see a good example, check out the SMSU Politics website.  They have a very cool flag icon!
How can I become cool with FavIcons

Check out Dynamic Drive to see their favicon generator.

Also, read this tutorial on using FavIcons on your site.

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  1. Hey there Terry. I was a little disappointed to see how you explained how to use a favicon and then looked in the address bar and saw that you are missing one! Heh, I’ll see ya tommorow.

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