Making a motion

I was at a BPOU meeting the other day and realized a lot of people are unfamiliar with the process to create a motion and make something happen at the local political unit level.

So, to ease the process, I put together a template that can be used in your organization to make a motion in an organized and well thought out fashion. You can find the template here:

Motion Form Template

Motions can be used for more than just organizational logistics (Motion to approve $100 for postage, motion to endorse candidate, etc.). Motions can also be made at the local level to reaffirm an organizations commitment to a particular belief or direction.

If you see something wrong with the local city council, or maybe feel like the organization is just not committed to getting a particular issue addressed, or maybe you just want to re-affirm the importance of a subject relating to your organization, it may be a good idea to make a motion. It does not always have to change the platform or bylaws, sometimes it is good enough just to make a public statement. So at times, these can be used to energize, rather than make policy.

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