Making life easier – One website at a time

It’s always wonderful to find a website that is full of good, well researched advice on a subject. I came across one recently called

I read through a couple articles like “How to fake clean your house” which would also work perfectly for college students when their parents come over!

Another great read was entitled “Surprising uses for your dishwasher.” The article included everything from washing action figures and GI-Joe guys to cooking a salmon in your dishwasher.

I have to be honest, I am not about to cook salmon in the dishwasher. But, if you were in a bind, it might be a useful thing someone would try.

The point is, our lives are often needlessly complicated. We are easily distracted by a number of concerns and issues that do not matter. Our lives can be so busy that it is hard to get done with those items we are expected to do.

These tips can come in handy for me when a surprise guest ends up announcing “I’ll be over in five minutes,” or my kids toys are in desperate need of a bath. For me, my time is a valuable commodity and I will take every tip I can get to recapture some of it.

One thought on “Making life easier – One website at a time

  1. It is so nice to be able to learn from others lives & experiences.

    More and more I’m realizing that we need to live life with less stuff and I have found inspiration through a variety of blogs also! Right now, reorganization & purging extra things are my priorities.

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