Microsoft Vista(ME)

Microsoft has been promoting Vista for several weeks as they lead up to the “main” release date of January 30, 2007. Even though Microsoft claims this is the biggest upgrade since XP, many experts are expressing caution.

Where Windows XP offered serious advantages over ME or 98, Vista advertises little in increased functionality. “Rotating” windows are cool, but possibly not worth the bugs that come with them.

For example, the nation of South Korea is warning computer users to exercise extreme caution when choosing to upgrade to Vista because it renders several ActiveX controls useless.

I also received an email from Intuit yesterday explaining that upgrading to Vista may cause QuickBooks to stop functioning.

Adobe even announced that Adobe Acrobat 8 (released a couple weeks ago) causes errors within the Vista environment.  It was also noted on the same posting that not even the Microsoft Zune is compatible with Vista.

Vista may look nice, but I think the jury is still out on whether it will ever be worth the upgrade (or whether it is an upgrade).

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