New Sansa MP3 Player with Wireless Music Streaming

With the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, now in full swing, we can expect to see some exciting new products on the market in the near future.

One product that was introduced today was SanDisk’s new Sansa Connect. It not only has the standard MP3 Features, but also includes wireless internet abilities.

After reading an article by Grahm Skee on you come away feeling pretty good about the product:

“At the time of release there will be four main WiFi features. The primary use is wireless connection to music subscription services. But unlike the MusicGremlin, you will have a choice of providers. You will also be able to connect to Internet radio though Zing for free. WiFi is also planned to connect to Flickr to display your photos. Finally, you will be able to share… sorry, no files… just music file metadata. But this data will at least be tied in to a social network where you create buddy lists and join social groups that share your musical tastes. “

I am especially excited about the ability to use internet Radio. This will add a whole new dynamic to portable listening devices. It puts up some tough competition against the IPod and Zune by adding these impressive new features. Maybe one day more music devices will follow and all radio will be played through a WiFi connection!

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