No Need For Musicians, Computers Can Now Compose For Us.

Experiments in Musical Intelligence (Computer Music and Digital Audio Series)David Cope, a professor at the University of California, has developed a software that can generate new musical works, based on “hearing” the original works of a composer.

It can actually look at the works of existing composers and based on the style of the composer, create entirely new works that are similar in style to the composer’s works. This is a revolution in the art and science of music composition. It brings music much closer to it’s mathematical side.
To quote the “Experiments in Musical Intelligence” Page:

Basically, Experiments in Musical Intelligence works using three basic principles:

(1) deconstuction (analyze and separate into parts)
(2) signatures (commonality – retain that which signifies style)
(3) compatibility (recombinancy – recombine into new works)

This sounds like a very cool idea. Composing music without humans. It is a very interesting artificial intelligence problem. It would be interesting to see what sort of algorithms this guy uses to make these entirely new works. This is completely fascinating!

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