Nokia Releases New Linux N800 Tablet

A couple months ago I wrote an article about the Nokia 770. It ran a Debian Linux Operating System that had been modified for the pocket size device.

Just recently announced was a new model in the Nokia Linux Tablet Line. It is the Nokia N800 Tablet. This new model sports an easier to use installer (the old install protocol was not received well by customers).

It also supports at least 4 GB memory cards with two available SD slots. For those of us with smaller devices, we will likely envy the 800 by 600 resolution on a 4.1 inch screen.
However, with only a 320 Mhz processor, it falls in the average category on that spec.

It looks like it was for sale in Europe, and will shortly be for sale in the U.S.

What looks like a decent deal, gets even better if you helped develop software for the Nokia 770. They are offering these special developers a deal of only 99 Euros!

Well, I love my PDA, but maybe someday I will get a Nokia when this one wears out.

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