One Solution to “NTLDR is Missing When Installing Windows”

Eventually it happens to all of us. We can see the early warning signs, but we refuse to acknowledge it. The frequent crashes, BSODs (Blue Screens of Death), and other ominous signs  happen and yet we did not heed the warning.

Then one day we realize that our hard drive has crashed. We dutifully go to Microcenter or Circuit City and buy a new hard disk.

The actual installation of the hard disk is simple, but installing Microsoft Windows can be much more complex.

My brother recently had this problem, and it turned out he kept getting a “NTLDR is missing.” This was happening for the longest time, and he could not figure out what the problem was. It turned out that the solution was much easier than we expected.

After reading a solution on, it turned out that we were not pressing a key fast enough to load from CD. We were pressing enter as soon as we saw the “Press any key to load from CD,” but it was not appearing to work. It turns out that there appears to be some delay that causes your computer to sometimes not recognize the Key Press soon enough.

The solution I recommend: Continuously press enter while your computer is booting up until the Windows installer loads.

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