One week complete!

Well, my first week back at school was overall pretty good.

I spent a lot of time helping the accounting club with the book sale (I am trying to get my status to “active member”). I actually enjoyed the book sale when I could make it. I felt good knowing that some people were literally saving hundreds of dollars on books. I also like the fact that the accounting club does realize a profit from this event.

Later in the week, I focused on preparing for the first SMSUSA meeting. It went well, as I described in my previous post.

At the end of the week, I spent time going back and forth between the hospital (my mother-in-law is there) and also working on solving some computer problems in the SMSUSA office.

Oh, did I mention I had classes this week? Well, they went pretty good. I really like most of them. My Business Law and Managerial Finance classes are my favorites right now. They just seem very interesting. But I am sure I will flip flop on favorite classes throughout the semester.

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