Online Investing for Beginners

Investing is something that everyone should do, but people put it off until later, or they feel too uninformed to actually carry out the the act of making an investment.

Potential investors run in to the problem that they want experience before investing, but in order to get that experience, they must invest. So the end result is procrastination. Putting off the investment experience until a later date. The unfortunate part is that years pass by and no investments are made; resulting in lost income and lost experience.

One solution for the weary investor is to provide a means to “practice” investing. There are several good sites that have stock market games.

Jim Cramer's Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane WorldA common scenario in these games is that you start with certain ground rules such as starting with $100,000, trade only certain types of stock, etc.

These games then actually follow the real markets. If you buy a share of this stock at a given price, it is sold to you at the current market price. You buy the share with your virtual dollars. Then the share goes up or down in price with the markets.

I just started playing a virtual stock exchange game at investopedia. It not only gives the ability to trade stocks, you can trade bonds, mutual funds, and options as well.

This will definitely give an new person a leg up on investing. Be sure to check it out and possibly join the investing game as well. My user name is TerryPearson if you want to check out my stats!

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