PC Companies hope to find profits in the Game Market

Since the first personal computers, games have been an intrical part of the system. Computer games were used to break the ice, and show the potential user the “fun factor” in their potential purchase.

World of WarcraftIn the 90’s, the computer became a vital business tool. It’s connectedness to information allowed business process to be streamlined, and research and collaboration to be made more efficient.

The PC makers lost sight of the potential of a gaming machine as the primary use for their powerful computing equipment.

That has all begun to change. Major PC vendors such as HP and Dell have teamed up with gaming companies to release computers designed for the high end graphics and processing that the latest games require.

“I think what you’re seeing over the last 18 months or so is a kind of realization that the market has shifted towards gaming being a very general part of entertainment for consumers and not a niche play,” said Phil McKinny in an article on TheStreet.com.

Gaming PCs have the potential to become what notebooks used to be for the computer industry. The notebook market used to be the “premium” aspect of the computer industry. It would offset the low profits made on desktop systems.

Today’s competitive market for small computers has had a negative affect on PC vendors. They can no longer turn large profits on these computers.

Today, the vendors are looking for other sources of revenue. The game market cares little about price. They want high quality products, and are often willing to pay top dollar. After all, how else do you stop the lag on your World of Warcraft Game? 🙂

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