Periodic Table: With Google Images

Google Periodic TableGoogle has a lot of tools. That is part of what makes Google so famous. If they don’t have the tools, they can help you find them.
What makes google really interesting, is when users of google combine the existing google tools with their own creations. As I was browsing the Google Operating System Blog, I came across a very unique creation.

They had said that Joey deVilla has created a “Google Periodic Table.” It is based on the images that come up in the Google Image Search for each element.
It is funny to note that a lot of the images actually are relevant, or related, to the actually elements.

Who knows, this may be a good way to teach students the elements. When you combine each element with a memorable picture, it allows for greater memory retention. One thing I would like to see on “Google Periodic Table 2.0” is the atomic numbers on each element.

DeVilla definately deserves an A+ for promoting fun in chemistry, and an A++ in finding new uses for the great tools that we have available on the internet!

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