Physics Class Assignment

Last Wednesday I forgot what time my class was at, so I showed up an hour late :-0 . So I ended up not hearing about an important assignment that will be due later in the semester. The assignment is to give a 5-minute summary of a scientist. The problem is that you must select from one of the scientists on the Professor’s list.

Today I finally got around to signing up for one of the scientists. There were very few remaining. I just picked one and hoped for the best. The one that I got was Richard Feynman. I had never heard of the guy.

My first stop was Wikipedia. It was there that I learned of Feynman’s involvement in science. He was famous for his works in quantum electrodynamics, particle theory, and other topics. He actually sounds like a fairly interesting person. I think that it will be fun to research the guy, but I think I would enjoy researching one of the topics that he was involved with even more.

He has several famous published lectures that are put in book and video form. If I had more time I might check those out as well.

Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! (Adventures of a Curious Character) An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory (Frontiers in Physics S.) Computers From The Inside Out - The Feynman Lecture on Heuristics Tiny Machines: The Feynman Lecture on Nanotechnology

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