Pocket PC Programs that I love!

Today I was messing with my Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC, and I got to thinking that I should publish a list of my Pocket PC Programs.  So here they are:

  • Minimo – This is the latest edition of the popular Firefox web browser.  A little buggy at spots, but displays some pages that Pocket IE just can’t do.
  • PDASudoku – Now you can plays Sudoku anywhere you and your Pocket PC decide to go.
  • Pocket E-Sword – Upside: Free Bible Software for Pocket PC, Downside: Most translations are “Pay only,” but you get the King James for free.
  • Passman – Store all your passwords in a highly encrypted program on your Pocket PC. I know that this type of program helps a lot when you are in a bind for remembering your username and password for not so frequently visited websites.
  • Conduits Pocket Slides – It’s a PowerPoint viewer/editor for your mobile device.  I love using the Speaker’s Notes function to add notes to my professors’ PowerPoint presentations.
  • PocketXPDF – I know Adobe has a PDF reader, but I found that Adobe’s bloated version takes up way to much space in my PDA’s main memory.  This one is a much smaller file, and does a good job.

I also have a few other softwares, which I will post at a later time.

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