Programmers that you need to follow on Google Plus

So you got an invite to Google Plus, added friends to your circles and now you religiously check for updates every 45 minutes. Maybe next time you’ll see a new post.

In the interim, try adding some tech guys and gals on Google Plus that may interest you…

Amon RA

Android programmer from Belgium. He was the creator of the Amon RA recovery (Similar to Clockwork) that helped so many of us with our early android devices.

Terry Pearson

Advanced Venture Solutions: PHP and Java developer. He happens to be someone I know well 😉 Putting out information about technology, programming, Android, and political opinions.

Larry Page

Google: The most famous Googler. Of course we were going to include him.

Steve Kondik

Cyanogenmod: Founder of one of the most famous custom Android Operating Systems, this is Mr. Cyanogen himself. They currently have half a million users and growing!

Trevor Pearson

Advanced Venture Solutions: Architect of some amazing PHP and also my younger brother!

Andrew Mason

Groupon:Andrew is the CEO of the now world famous “”

Patrick Norton

Tekzilla: Cohost of the show called “Tekzilla” on While not technically a programmer, still an incredibly interesting technology infulencer.

Brian Cohen

BitTorrent: Inventor of the BitTorrent file sharing protocol. Despite what people say about the “bad” side of bittorrent, this has to be one of the greatest concepts in distributed computing since the invention of HTML. It has some incredible uses, especially downloading Linux distributions.

Do you have other programmers and/or technology experts to add? If so, leave a comment below. If you are a programmer and would just like to connect with other programmers, post a link to your profile in the comments as well.

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