PS3 and Wii Week!

Sony PlayStation 3 (60GB)If you like console game systems, you love this week. Yesterday, the Playstation 3 was released. In about an hour from now, the Nintendo Wii will be released.

Both these game systems have been promoted for a very long time. They each had a strong following even before the systems were released.

To show how strong of a following each system has, I will tell two brief stories.

Yesterday, a Playstation 3 (PS3) was released. I have heard reports that one individual already sold his PS3 on Ebay for $9000. This is amazing. How could you buy a system for a few hundred dollars and then sell it for that much.

Today I went to Walmart and found a large group of individuals sitting in camp chairs, playing on their computers, etc. It was like a little nerd convention right inside of the entrance of Walmart. The Walmart had a total of twenty Nintendo Wii’s and these people had been waiting in line since about noon. At midnight, each one will get a Nintendo Wii.

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