Realistic Looking Robotic Chicken

Robotic ChicketYou have probably seen little chicks in the spring time at a farm or at a county fair and thought how wonderful it would be to have your own pet baby chicken. Of course the problem with this is that eventually they turn into full size chickens.

There is a solution to this. Don’t worry, this does not involve giving your pet chicken a medication to prevent growth hormones or anything like that. Instead, it involves electricity!

Now that I have you really worried about what we are going to do to this chicken, I will explain in greater detail how to go about having your own pet baby chicken.

A company called Segatoys has created an extremely realistic robotic chick. It is slightly similar to an earlier story about Leonardo, the Muppet-Like Artificially Intelligent MIT robot, in that a casual observer would probably conclude that these baby chickens are actually alive.

According to, the product entitled “Sega Dream Chick,” is designed to simulate a 20 day old baby chicken.

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