Reinstall Day!

Today was D-Day for my desktop computer. My second hard drive had crashed a couple weeks ago, and I had purchased a replacement. When replacing a hard drive, I like to do a fresh install of Windows. So, I got my disks together and got started.

It was really not that bad. I had my Compaq System Restore CDs and it only took time to get the system up and running.

Of course this would not be very easy without a high speed internet connection. I had to re-download Windows XP Service Pack 2, and more importantly, get all the software from Google Pack.

Google Pack includes all the new computer essentials. It even includes Sun’s StarOffice. According to the Read/WriteWeb blog:

“StarOffice is a direct competitor to Microsoft Office, as it is a full suite of desktop-based office apps that normally retails for $70. It includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing and database”

Also, if you have never seen Google’s photo screen saver, it is well worth the download.

I suppose that I will be further updating drivers and such tomorrow. With all the special downloads that are needed to get a computer running, it is still nice to know that my system is squeaky clean right now.

One thought on “Reinstall Day!

  1. Talking about this Reinstall Day, it gave me an idea to perform a clean install on one of my computer that has been lying around for ages. Perhaps, I should designate a date for that!

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