Rooting ASUS Transformer Infinity with Jellybean without unlocking the bootloader

[Update] While these are great instructions for rooting any Asus Transformer Infinity, I would encourage you to look at other tablets instead. Asus has had massive quality control issues with their Transformer line. One of the worst issues is the random screen cracks that can occur when docked.  See this search for the latest of thousands of unhappy customers that have witnessed their screen cracking while they were not touching their tablet.” While this seems not plausible, I witnessed this myself on one of our devices. To this date, Asus has refused to honor their defect warranty for almost all such cases. Your money would be much better spent on a manufacturer with a better reputation and higher quality control. Check out the Samsung Note 10.1 for a good alternative to the Asus Transformer Infinity.


My wonderful wife gave me a new Transformer Infinity today and I immediately decided I needed to root it. Unfortunately, it was already on Android 4.1.1 so it is unrootable in that state (without unlocking the bootloader).

Here are my notes on the downgrading and rooting process. Make sure your battery is fully charged and you have everything backed up. This will wipe your device (because the downgrade is a full system image).

This is based on Steve Hamilton’s advice here:

We are going to assume that you have a US Based sku for your Infinity. If not, some numbers may be different.

  1. Download the Stock Ice Cream Sandwich Rom for the ASUS Transformer Infinity. You can get it here: and here:  If you live in the US, make sure you get the version that ends in “.30” ( If not, get the version for your country.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file, there will be a zip file inside called and place it on the root of your “internal SD card”.
  3. Power off the device while holding the volume down and power buttons for about 10 seconds. It will load in safe mode.
  4. It will show an update available. DO NOTHING. After 10 seconds, the device will reboot and you will load a safe mode version of the OS.
  5. When your device is restarted, the settings bar will show that there is an update to install. Select it.
  6. Click through the warnings. WARNING: This will delete your data.
  7. Your device will restart with Ice Cream Sandwich.
  8. Go here to download the latest automated Debug FS Root tool:
  9. Extract the zip file and save in some folder of your choice.
  10. Make sure your tablet is plugged in and recognized by your computer. If not, install appropriate drivers.
  11. Run RootDebugfs.bat
  12. Choose option 1 to root your device (Read and follow instructions at the prompts). The most important parts are to enable installing from unknown sources and enable USB debugging.
  13. Open up the SU app at least once before doing anything.
  14. On your device, download OTA Rootkeeper from Google Play:
  15. Click on “protect root” in the Rootkeeper app.
  16. Upgrade via over-the-air updates to Jellybean.
  17. If needed, go back into OTA Rootkeeper and restore root.


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