Saving my Drowned Cell Phone

A few weeks ago, Jessica and I went to ValleyFair with some friends. I was very careful to bring a snack size ziplock bag along to keep my cell phone dry on the water rides. It was perfect. At the time of leaving the park, my cell phone was dry!

We then headed over to their house to use their new hot tub. We thought that would be fun. I had wore my swimsuit that has Cargo Pockets on it to ValleyFair, and did not think much about it. However, on the way there, I made a phone call. Consequently, I never placed my cell phone back in the plastic bag.

When we got to the house we all jumped in the hot tub. After about a minute, I quickly jumped out. I had realized my new Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman phone was in my pocket, IN THE WATER!

One thing I realized was that the battery is very hard to get out on the phone. When it came out of the water, it was flashing the white screen of death. After a week of drying, my phone was a brick. I had read some suggestions on drying out a wet phone, but had no success.

One of the suggestions had been too risky: bathing your cell phone in strong isopropyl alcohol. But, after a week of no success (and no cell phone) I thought it was worth a try. I got 91% Isopropyl Alcohol from the Target Pharmacy, and dipped my phone in quickly (about 30-60 seconds). After a day of drying, the phone worked!

That lasted a few days, then it started doing strange things like flashing crazily in the middle of the night. Finally, it died again. I was very sad, and began looking for a replacement. I came across a few good cell phone replacement sites, but what I really wanted was my W810i.

So I tried the Alcohol method again. This time I was sure to soak the phone for several minutes.  I then put it on a fan to dry. A day and a half later, I put the SIM card and Battery back in the phone and pressed the power button. I had nothing, not even a flicker.

I then thought that maybe my battery had died during that time that my phone had been unused. I plugged it into the charger and it began to charge. After a day of charging, my phone worked great. It has now been a full day since it started working again, and hopefully it stays working this time.

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  1. i have the same problem my w810i phone is flshing the white screen exactly like yours .the problem was suddenly my phone wasn’t wet i duno what caused him to act like that !!! how do i fix it ? don’t tell me to put it in a bath of alcohol that’s a dump thing to do!!

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