Shoe Phone Charger!

A student by the name of Himachel Pradesh has created a cell phone charger that is shoe powered. It uses the impact of walking to operate a charger. He claims that it can charge a cell phone in about one hour.

This could be very useful when you are a long way from electricity. For example, a camping trip may be a great opportunity to use such a device. It looks a little funny on your leg, so away from civilization would be the only place I would be using it.Shoe Phone Charger

This is a very cool idea, that could be applied to all sorts of devices. The act of capturing energy and reusing it, can make life easier and more efficient. I like the idea of using something that most of us do anyway (walk), to generate power for something that we often use.

Great Job Himachel!

3 thoughts on “Shoe Phone Charger!

  1. Get Smart

    For those of us that have been around a while,(or have seen the old cable shows) this reminds me of Don Adams as Max or agent 86 on the GET SMART tv series.

    I also have a Guidesman LED flashlight that can temporarily charge a cell phone. The flash light and its accesorry port are charged with a mechanical wind-up hand crank.

    But I agree that it is a lot easier walking than cranking 🙂

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