“Sim” Google Earth

The Sims: Complete CollectionGoogle Earth is quickly becoming a mainstream form of entertainment among computer users. Using Earth, you are able to “fly” over almost any section of the earth, viewing the terrain, and sometimes the buildings, in 3D. In an effort to capture the curiosity and imagination of it’s users, google is extending the usefulness of Google Earth – again.

This time, they are partnering with 3rd party vendors to allow for a way to interact with places once you “land” on Google Earth. To quote Google in their recent Google Friends newsletter:

“Zooming around Google Earth is plenty of fun, but when you actually
land somewhere on the planet and can explore it, that takes fun to
another level. By partnering with several content providers, we’re
offering new Google Earth layers that showcase pictures, audio, video,
and stories such as video tours from Discovery Channel highlighting
landmarks, cities, national parks, and scenic wonders. The featured
content is accessible from the “Featured Content” folder in the Google
Earth Layers sidebar.”

This adds a whole new dimension to Google earth. I am wondering how long it will be before some genius creates a “Google Sims” application where you could interact with other Google Earth travelers through your own personal avatar.

Eric Bangeman of ARS Technica has written a nice article about the new features that are being introduced by Google. The article can be found here.

In the mean time, be sure to check out the new features, they are definitely going to be a hit with the Google Earth crowd.

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