Southwest Net Portal

Web portals are the new trend on the internet, and for good reason. Take for instance My University’s portal which just became reality two days ago. In it, you will find almost everything a student/faculty member needs on an average day at the university.A portal ends up being the most important part of a website for the current members. It provides an easy interface for its audience to access features such as email, xml feeds of pages found deeper in the site, important system wide messages, and a variety of individual needs of the customer. Portals also try to provide content without requiring a user to download/install a lot of software. Therefore, a portal can be thought of as a web based application, rather than just another website. Robert Bogue at has written a great article about key features needed for a successful web portal. The article can be found at . Another function that a portal serves is to bring together several different aspects of a company. If a company has fifteen groups which all work on completing the same tasks, the developement of a web portal could allow for all groups to collaberate. In that collaberation, a synergy could be formed that would increase productivity and lower costs. Another great web portal guide can be found at .

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