Spotlite On the Linux Super Handheld

Nokia 770One of my friends, Darin Hansen, purchased a Nokia 770 handheld this past spring. I will have to say that I was very impressed by it’s features.

The 770 is a PDA like no other. Instead of running your traditional PDA operating system (Windows Mobile or PalmOS), Nokia loaded the 770 with a Linux Operating System. For those familiar with Linux, it runs off of a Debian based distribution, much like Ubuntu.

Nokia’s PDA comes with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. I believe this will be essential for any handheld device that makes it to market in the future. Handhelds must be connected in order for them to truly be useful to the every day user.

Some other great features include support for wireless streaming radio, and a built-in RSS reader. The great thing about an Open Source PDA is that I imagine many programs that work with Debian will be ported to this handheld device.

If you want more information, the Digital Tech News Network has done a review of the Nokia 770.

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