Starwars Ascii Art Animated Movie

Star Wars ASCII ArtI was talking to a friend of mine the other day that is obsessed with Starwars. It caused me to remember about a site I had once seen.

The site entitled “Star Wars ASCIIMATION” is perhaps one of the coolest Star Wars fan sites to date. The creators of the site have built ASCII Art and animated it to show the story of Star Wars.

This may be one of the ultimate nerd hangouts, but I thought it was awesome!

After looking into it a little bit, it appears that you can get the same ascii show through telnet (without opening a web browser). Nathan at explains how to do this on his blog:

“You can try this yourself by going to Start / Run and type: telnet”

He also explained that some people were claiming that this was a hidden feature of windows, but actually it is not. It is simply using the telnet program built into windows to  connect to the server that provides the movie.

Be sure to check it out, it is pretty cool!

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