Stonehenge Seating Wall

This is a Stonehenge style seating wall. Jessica and I had dreamed about building this for a while now.


Originally, we thought it would be awesome to surround our patio with a stone bench like this one. Due to several reasons, we decided to go smaller. After we get the planters taken care of, it will provide a nice “natural” seating area on our patio that still allows flow into the main part of our backyard.

The seating wall is made out of 15″ Catalina style blocks going horizontal and 15″ Belgian style patio blocks going vertical. The blocks are held together with PL masonry adhesive.

I originally saw this displayed at Menards. After talking to the guys who built the display, I realized that it was easy enough to do it myself.

The total length of the bench was about 11 feet. It’s total weight was approximately 1500 lbs.

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