Supreme Court Useless Information: First mention of “Orcs” in a court case.

I was browsing Wikipedia, and may have come across one of the more fun, but useless pieces of information out there.

There was a court case last year called Ebay vs MercExchange. In the hearing, a “patent troll” was mentioned. What followed, was in interesting exchange between Justice Kennedy and Mr. Phillips:

JUSTICE KENNEDY: Well, is -- is the troll the scary thing under the bridge, or is it a fishing technique?...

MR. PHILLIPS [attorney for eBay]: For my clients, it's been the scary thing under the bridge....

JUSTICE KENNEDY: I mean, is that what the troll is?

MR. PHILLIPS: Yes, I believe that's... what it is, although...maybe we should think of it more as Orcs, now that we have a new generation.

I am fairly certain that this is the first and only time that a mythical game creature has ever been mentioned in a supreme court case.

Hope this analysis made your day more productive.

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