Testing your Domain Name Server

I recently transfered all my domain names to a new hosting provider. In the process of moving the domains, I forgot to change some of the domain name server info, and it caused some domains to be unavailable for a few days.

Fortunately, these were not ‘critical’ domains. If they were, I would have searched for the problems sooner. But, they were basically projects that I was putting together on my own. So, I was maybe the only one that was disappointed when they did not work.

In the process of discovering the problem, I came across a website called DNSReport.com. The site performs 56 tests on a domain, and provides feedback on each. It will let you know what you are doing right, and what you are doing wrong on your DNS.

I ran the test on my domain, and did happen to find a few errors and warnings. After reviewing the information,  I was able to correct a couple of the problems fixed, and am still working on a few others.

Then I checked another website. One that I do not own, but use extensively. What I found was that there were many errors in the DNS records. These errors could result in the mail from the server being marked as Spam,  the ability for malicious computer users to spoof messages, and the possibility of extremely long time periods for domain resolution.

Be sure to check your own domains for DNS problems and fix them as soon as possible. You’ll be glad you tested your site!

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