Text editing made cooler!

If you are a web site developer, you know how important it is to make your users feel comfortable in  using your applications. It is always nice to provide the users with additional features that will make their experience better.

One thing a developer can do is provide some sort of text editor built into the textarea boxes on a site.  At my University, we have chosen to use the open source FCK Editor.

This editor is highly customizable, and can be implemented to aid in numerous forms and pages. I love that it is open source. We can view/modify the heavily documented source code as needed so that our programs can have the features that we want.

And I know some of you are already thinking it, so I will address the issue you are thinking of. Yes, we could develop our own javascript based text editor. But, why reinvent the wheel. We should capitalize on the free tools we have available and make further advances with the time we save.

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