Texting while driving should not be illegal

During the past several years, there have been dozens of new “text message” laws around the country. These laws range from limiting texting while driving to preventing phone use while driving.

While I think that many people cannot handle texting while driving (Surprisingly, some actually do pretty good at it0), I think we are over-complicating things. The real issue here is car wrecks caused by distracted drivers.

In fact, some people get distracted for other reasons (i.e. radio, coffee, etc.), drive badly, and crash their cars. Is the distracted coffee drinker any less guilty than the texter who crashed his vehicle? Ironically, these two individuals will be treated differently under the law even though they both causes equal harm to others.


Laws should punish harm done and not the arbitrary method used to commit them. For example, if a person is murdered, the punishment should be the same whether they were shot with a gun or pushed off a cliff. In either case, the person’s life was equally valuable and so should the punishment.

Laws should protect others from force or harm and not focus on “methods.” By doing so, we restore focus on the value of life and liberty and remove focus from methods and tools that could be used for good or for evil.

Thank you to Nigel Lyons for posting this.

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