The Net Guide to Stealing Computer Parts

Do you ever wish you did not have to pay for your computer hardware? I remember building my first computer. “Think of all the money I will save” was my thought. My brother, Tim Pearson, took me to a couple different stores and we found the best deals.

Nerds 2.0.1That was just before the internet became the behemoth that it is today. At that point in time, stores close to the University of Minnesota gave the best deals we could find.

Today, the internet gives us an even better resource to finding cheap computer parts. So, the truth is that stealing computer parts on the internet is a little difficult (I will admit, I shamelessly deceived you by this headline. But you read the post, so that is good!), but I can tell you about several good sites that can help you get the best deals along the way.

  • – This site looks basic at first, but it is packed full of the latest prices for several vendors of electronics on the net. A must stop for all those in need of a cheap way of acheiving geekdom.
  • – Tiger has been a catalog company for years. They have very good prices (usually after rebate). Their shipping can be a little steep if you are purchasing small items.
  • – Do you remember the Egghead software stores back in the day. Think of those, but with a lot more. I would say that their service and products are very comparible to TigerDirect.
  • – This site can have awesome deals… or really stupid deals. The important thing is that they sell one item a day. It goes up for sale at midnight central time, and once they sell out, it is gone. I have had plenty of good woots. If you are up at midnight, make it a habit to check this one out. They have a blog if you wish to see past deals and other “interesting” information (see: podcast addiction!).
  • – I have the box store version of this retail outlet close to my home. If you could fall in love with a store, this would be the one that all the geeks would send valentines to every February. I have purchased so much stuff here that it has to be my new favorite computer store.
  • – If you ever want a good deal on a monitor, look here first. They are very helpful, and the rebate process is friendlier than most. The prices are absolutely great here too.

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  1. You always make me laugh, and I know you’re a geek but this post puts the icing on the cake! Maybe I won’t be getting valentines from you anymore! 🙂 On a more serious note, I love the LCD monitor I got from PcConnection. I works great and it definitely uncluttered my desk!

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