The political spectrum is not what you think it is.

You have probably heard it said that the political spectrum starts on the far left with communism, then progresses to the far right with facism. I would like to challenge your thinking a bit and say that the version of the political spectrum described above is completely wrong.

Political ideology cannot be expressed in a flat line. Just go to a political convention sometime. Even within the “right” or the “left” you will have vastly differing views on some things. I think that this video will help you see that the traditional straight line of political thought leads to some pretty inaccurate conclusions. After watching the video, take the world’s smallest political quiz to find out where you stand.

[sevenload 3ejkZwW]

Here are my results to the world’s smallest political quiz. I am about as far from “big government” as you can get! I actually think that a lot of people fit that description and would find that to be true if they examined their beliefs closely.

Political Diamond

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