Think shoe phones are cool, try a key chain phone

When I first bought my cellphone, it was relatively smal. After owning it for a few weeks, it was not as small as other phones. Now, it is not small at all compared to the newest phones. The funny thing is, I only bought my phone a year ago.

Anyway, phones keep getting smaller. The latest phone fits on a keychain.  I found a good analysis of this new phone at “Kathy’s Technology Blog.” The catch is that the phone is not a cellular one. Instead, it is a usb drive phone that uses the internet to operate.

It is made by a company called Vonage.  They offer  Voice Over IP phone service to people at a low cost compared to traditional phone service. The Key Chain Phone can b e taken anywhere with you, and when connected to the internet, you can receive calls  from your very own phone number. Check out the advertisement for the phone on Vonage’s website.

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