TV Watching for Internet People

Everyone enjoys surfing the internet. Many enjoy it so much that they don’t even use their TV. If they do want to watch programs, they do it online. Some people use Bittorrent, others YouTube, and still others go to special TV websites.

I have found that most websites limit quality for the free content, but good TV websites exist. Here are a few:

  • TV-Video.NET– Contains a comprehensive list of programming. They use flash player to play on a small screen, or a nearly full screen, depending on your preference.
  • EZTV – If you prefer to download the latest shows and then watch them, this BitTorrent site may be for you.
  • CBS InnerTube – Never afraid to almost violate trademarks (i.e. YouTube), CBS has a great list of shows. Be sure to watch them within a couple weeks of the broadcast. The archive only goes back a few weeks, but it is good quality.
  • Fox On Demand – Seems good, but a little slow when loading for the first time (even though my internet connection is VERY fast).
  • Joost – This one could be good. I have not had much success getting their player to work. Other people swear by this internet TV. I would wait for the beta period to be over if you want a non-error-filled player.
  • Finally, you can purchase High Quality Videos of TV shows you missed from

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