Using Git with Eclipse

Octocat - The Git Mascot

If you use git source control and program in Eclipse, this little tip will make your life amazing.

Up until this point, I always used the command line for Git. I host my own Git server (which will probably always be administered via command line), so I just went with what I felt familiar with.

However, when working in Eclipse, there is no need to work with the command line. And surprisingly, the tools used to interact with Git are pretty seamless.

I used a tool called “eGit” for the first time last night and it could not be simpler. You can push, pull, clone, diff, merge, and pretty much everything else (except apply patches). You can even create new Git repositories right from the Eclipse IDE.

Between my PHP development and Android development, Git has been a life saver. Now that I can integrate into Eclipse, it will save me even more time.

In order to get setup, head over to the Unicase blog for a quick setup and operation tutorial on using eGit for Eclipse.

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