What I do at the web office.

Throughout my time at the SMSU Web Office, I have worked on a number of different project. Some, were simply learning experiences, others were actually implemented.

Everyone at the web office begins with an introduction to web programming through a variety of tutorials. I was first instructed to read an HTML tutorial from WebMonkey. I then went through the Macromedia ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit book. I used the 5.0 version of this book, but they are now on the MX 7 version.

After the introductury lessons, I had my first project. The project was a photo browser application. I spent a lot of time just getting my feet wet and did not move very fast on that project. It was an ‘album viewing’ system for organizations on campus.

My next, and much bigger, project was to create an online voting system for student body elections. This is what really got me excited about my job. It was fun to figure out the details of such a system.

I have worked on many other projects as well. Tim Kortsmit and I focused on a couple big projects including implementing standard systems of development and design for the entire SMSU website. These standards will come to fuition on September 15, 2006 when the new XHTML Strict Compliant website is brought online. He and I also created a graduation project in which we automated almost the entire graduation process (we did not get through automated commencement procedures 🙂 ).

This year, I have been researching how to use our new Microsoft SQL Server. It has been a challenge to get used to the interface (we previously used MS Access). Once I get through all the differences, I think that I will start to fully realize how useful this Enterprise Class Database server really is. I think that it has the potential to make the University Data much more useful, and much less redundant.

So to summarize, I have three aspects to my job:

  • Research
  • Plan
  • Code

In case you are wondering about a good resource to use for Database Administration, check out the book below. It is the one I used today, and it is great!

SQL: The Complete Reference, Second Edition

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