Where to Find Good Day After Thanksgiving Deals

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I guess we still have a month or so. You would not know that considering I have already seen Christmas decorations for sale in a couple department stores (Walmart and Shopko)!

Black Friday SavingsI am sure that you do not want to start thinking about Christmas shopping just yet, but remember that when the Christmas season hits, you will find many more ‘rebate’ deals at stores across America.

I admit that a rebate is not my first choice when it comes to getting good deals. It seems like they only actually get sent in about half the time. If you do remember to send in the rebates, you will surely get a great deal.

Last year, I planned my morning after Thanksgiving by going to a site called “Black Friday @ GottaDeal.com.” They had a very good listing of deals that were coming up. It was much better than going through the newspaper on Thanksgiving in hopes of finding a good deal.

They even had stuff listed weeks before. Some of it was only “rumors” but they were fairly accurate with these. The site lists deals for a lot of different stores in advance. Think of it as a deal forecasting site.
So, definitely start checking the site. You may find some excellent deals on items that are listed on the site.

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