Windows Powertoys

LinuxSome people may be scrambling to get Windows Vista with all the latest features and stuff, but I think I will be sticking with Windows XP for a while.

First of all, I can’t afford the upgrade. Upgrading to Vista, means upgrading my computer as well. I think my computer is just fine, and until I have more incentive, I do not wish to spend the money on an Operating System that gives me no real additional benefit.

Also, Windows Vista is bound to have serious flaws and security holes when released. I know that Microsoft says that no security holes have been found, but security holes will be found once it is released. This is almost a law of nature. Once a Microsoft Product is released, it will prove to have errors. With all the code that goes into the software, and with such a large, diverse user base, it is remarkable we don’t see more errors.

So what am I going to do instead of upgrade? I am going to enjoy my ancient Windows XP computer! And while I am at it, I may just go over to the Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP website and add a few additional features to my system.

This may include programs such as the Famous TweakUI, or the CD slide show creator program. I already have the “Open Command Window Here” right click tool, so that is out of the picture as far as upgrades go 🙂

Perhaps I will download “SyncToy” for the purpose of synchronizing multiple folders on different computers.

Aibek, from has a good review and listing of the Microsoft Powertoys. He also has other pages dedicated to similar items such as the Google Pack. Be sure to check out his website for a good review of both of these free services.

With all this talk of Microsoft add-ons, I hope my Linux computer does not feel too neglected! 🙂

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