Wireless Internet at the Airport

I was at the Chicago O’Hare airport the other day and our flight was delayed. So I did the thing that any guy with a laptop computer would do. I checked for wireless internet connections.

In fact, there was a wireless connection at the airport, but they charge about five dollars a day to use the internet. However, you could use the internet to check airport information and weather for free.

I thought that it was very convenient to do so. I believe that more places should use targeted internet.

Already, most places that have wireless will first direct you to a specific page for you to sign an agreement  (by clicking on a button).

Why not set up wireless connections in retail establishments that simply direct visitors to only the store’s web information. It could give product descriptions, special deals, maps of the store, order pages, etc.

The visitors could access these pages through a wireless device such as a PDA.

Anyway, just an idea that I had.

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