Writely: Your free Office from Google!

I just signed up to get a Writely Account. This is a very cool service/program from the good folks at Google.
Google Writely is a word processing program like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.org. With one exception: Writely is a word proccessor on steroids.

Writely is a web based word processor. Anywhere that you have an internet connection, you can access and edit your documents. This could be a very convenient way for people to keep track of documents. Especially is they frequently move to different computers.

You can use it to create pdf files. Rich text files can be created. Even Microsoft Word compatable files can be made. Whenever you save your file, it is saved online, so you can access it anywhere! You can also download the file to your local computer.

Three features that really make writely unique are:

  • The ability to post to a blog.
    • Built into the writely web interface, is the ability to post to a wide variety of blogs. It really allows you a neat opportunity to easily convert any of your documents into a blog post.
  • The ability to Track Revisions.
    • This is truely a wonderful feature. You can view just how your document looked each time it was changed. Don’t you hate it when you completely change a paper, then save over the old version, only to realize that you deleted something you were not supposed to? Writely allows you to recover from such errors by allowing you to go back to a previous save.
  • The ability to Collaborate.
    • So what happens when you and five other people need to create a document? Obvious answer: Many meeting to colaborate your documents. Writely solves this problem by allowing you to select several people (by email address) that are allowed to view and edit the document. I am sure you are now wondering what you do if your friend is on that list and he messes the document up. Well refer to the point above: Tracking Revisions.

2 thoughts on “Writely: Your free Office from Google!

  1. Check out Docly. It’s similar to Writely but when you publish your document you get a Numly Number copyright assigned to your work automatically. The copyright can either be an All Rights Reserved or a Creative Commons licence.

    Write, Publish, Share, and Sell your documents online! Brought to you by the Copyright 2.0 geeks from Numly, Docly allows you to create, tag, and publish your textual works online.

  2. I will definately look into it. Thanks for the great tip.

    When I checked out Numly Numbers before, it seemed like they had some small limit to the amout you could obtain. Maybe I am completely mistaken on this, but I will look into that.

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