YouTube – Very Cool but a little buggy

I just started using YouTube. I will have to say that is nice to have a place to upload my videos from my digital camera. There are tons of free photo sharing places, but few video sharing places.

I am told YouTube is one of the best.

My experience today was that YouTube was a little buggy. I would get random errors, and at times it would think I was logged out. I would refresh the page, and usually I was logged right back in.

I am sure the interface will improve overtime.

Until then, be patient, and Happy Video Uploading!

2 thoughts on “YouTube – Very Cool but a little buggy

  1. I love YouTube. It is a very useful tool for viewing and incorporating video into a website/blog. I haven’t actually uploaded yet. I’ve only embedded video into posts, and had no problems.

  2. I love it too, I actually just started using it. We had congressman Kennedy here a few days ago, and I figured I would upload the video I took with my Digital Camera.

    The buggy part was that when uploading you have a three step process. In between each step, it sometimes acts like you are not a confirmed member. This happens about 10% of the time.

    With google in control, I am sure quality will be increasing greatly.

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